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LeMill is a web community for finding, authoring and sharing open and free learning resources. Its main target group are teachers and learning content authors, but anyone is free to join.

This site ( is the home of the LeMill server platform. The open source software is developed in here. If you want to test or use LeMill, go to is a LeMill server hosted by us, the developers.

If you just need to get a general level information on what is LeMill, you may have of the overview at:

LeMill is also known as "Learning Mill" or Learning Toolbox.


News from the LeMill blog and the Learning Environments research group's blog.



About LeMill


This section is mainly targeted for the developers of LeMill.


This section is a collection of design ideas, notes, lists and other material. It may be a bit unstructured. :-)


This section has information about what kind of communication tools and practices are used in the software development of LeMill.


Guidelines for developers

  • Infrastructure -- Information on servers, services and tools for development
    • PPTConversion -- How to setup PPT to images -conversion with Open Office
  • Book list -- List of useful stuff to read in libraries or on the net



About this site

This site is for the development of the LeMill server software. Visitors to this site can browse all the content we have here (try out the buttons on the top of the page). More information on this Trac system is available in the Trac Guide.

Disclaimer: All content in this site is made by individual authors. Nobody takes any collective responsibility for the correctness of information here. But since this is a Wiki, you should have already figured that out. :-)