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Revision 236, 879 bytes checked in by tarmo, 14 years ago (diff)

Merged renaming-branch to trunk. From now on, you need to rename
the checkout folder to Products/LeMill? (not Toolbox!) and create
new instances (old ones certainly won't work).
Closes #333, spent 1h.

1<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en"       i18n:domain="plone"> <body> <!-- THE SECTION TABS DEFINITION --> <div metal:define-macro="portal_tabs"      tal:omit-tag=""      tal:define="selected_tabs python:here.selectedTabs('index_html', here, portal_tabs);                  selected_portal_tab selected_tabs/portal;"      tal:condition="portal_tabs">     <ul id="tb-portal-globalnav">         <tal:tabs tal:repeat="tab portal_tabs"><li tal:attributes="id string:portaltab-${tab/id};">             <a href=""                tal:content="tab/name"                tal:attributes="href tab/url;                                title tab/description|nothing;
2                               class python:test(selected_portal_tab==tab['id'], 'selected', 'plain');">             Tab Name             </a></li></tal:tabs>     </ul> </div> </body> </html>
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