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All strings in ZPTs are now i18n'd. Refs #524, spent 90m,
30m remaining. Need to fix i18n:domains still.

1<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en"       i18n:domain="plone"> <body>
2 <div metal:define-macro="portal_footer" i18n:domain="plone">
3<table id="tb-portal-footer" summary="Footer" width="760"  border="0" align="center" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0">
4    <tr>
5        <td>
6        <p>     <span i18n:translate="description_copyright" tal:omit-tag="">     <span i18n:name="plonecms">         <a href="" i18n:translate="label_plone_cms">LeMill</a>     </span>     is Copyright     <acronym title="Copyright" i18n:name="copyright" i18n:attributes="title title_copyright;">&copy;</acronym>     2005-<span i18n:name="current_year"                tal:define="now modules/DateTime/DateTime"                tal:content="now/year" />     by the     <span i18n:name="plonefoundation">The LeMill Team.</span>     </span>     <span i18n:translate="description_license">     Distributed under the         <span i18n:name="license">             <a href="" i18n:translate="label_gnu_gpl_licence">GNU GPL license</a>         </span>.     </span> </p>
7            <p><a i18n:translate="label_xhtml" href="">XHTML</a> - <a i18n:translate="label_css" href="">CSS</a></p>
8        </td>
9    </tr>
14</body> </html>
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