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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#558 Presentation to images plugin assigned story blocker 2.7 generic
#254 Registering as a proficient or interested practitioner of an Activity assigned story critical generic
#678 Import PILOTs to Fle3 assigned enhancement critical generic
#809 Better automated tests for uploading and creating content assigned task critical generic
#996 Group is removed when last member leaves the group assigned story critical generic
#1048 Converting the uploaded audio files assigned story critical generic
#1162 Mobile media in LeMill assigned story critical generic
#1463 Spike LeMill network new task critical generic
#1594 e-mail announcements about changes in LeMill assigned story critical 2.1 generic
#1620 Create PPT/ODP/PDF extraction background process assigned enhancement critical 2.7 generic
#1756 Automatic performance measurement assigned task critical 2.7 generic
#471 Uploading Pieces to LeMill assigned story major generic
#474 Possibility to disable video pieces assigned story major generic
#256 Giving endorsments to other users assigned story minor generic
#263 User can bookmark page in assigned story minor generic
#472 Setup page for Plone admin assigned story minor generic
#244 Teacher goes from portal basket to toolbox basket assigned story postponed generic
#245 Teacher sends improved content to the Portal assigned story postponed generic
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