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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1853 A question for all developers: Should we store all binary data as external files? new anonymous story blocker
#448 Adjust advanced search for LeMill new enhancement critical
#457 Make progress indicator for uploading files new anonymous enhancement critical
#809 Better automated tests for uploading and creating content assigned tarmo task critical
#1298 Using references in text new anonymous story critical
#1455 Fckeditor, one possible kupu replacement. new anonymous prototype critical
#1465 Finding the piece used as cover image new anonymous story critical
#1622 When writing tags, most used tags for that content type are displayed new anonymous story critical
#1694 New type of resource: Vocabulary trainer new anonymous story critical
#1744 Simplifying plone tools: Object saving/editing and archetypes new anonymous enhancement critical
#1745 Simplifying plone tools: Our own user management new anonymous enhancement critical
#1960 Adding to a collection while in collection new anonymous defect critical
#1966 Give an usable permalink for media pieces new anonymous enhancement critical
#1969 Tags -portlet for content new anonymous enhancement critical
#2020 Add language counts for all resources new jukka enhancement critical
#452 Create endorsments new anonymous enhancement major
#455 Create links new anonymous enhancement major
#750 Requirement info when choosing material type new anonymous story major
#1034 Investigate torrent-options new anonymous task major
#1269 Show only stories with familiar languages new anonymous story major
#1755 Simplifying LeMill: replace Topics with LargeSectionFolder-methods new anonymous enhancement major
#1967 Group's featured resources should be its latest resources new anonymous enhancement major
#1974 Exercise should have an option of not sending answers new anonymous defect major
#1975 Multiple choice without correct answers. new anonymous defect major
#1985 Link back from group discussion/portfolio new jukka defect major
#2019 Edit-link may mislead after reordering chapters new anonymous defect major
#1650 Optimizing: new anonymous defect postponed
#1653 Optimizing: new jukka defect postponed
#1655 Optimizing: join_a_group.cpt new defect postponed
#1688 Optimization: front-page new anonymous defect postponed
#1757 Simplifying plone tools: Replace references with lists of UID:s new defect postponed
#1466 Modify coverimage-field to store link to a piece new anonymous enhancement waiting
#1649 Optimizing: CMFPlone skins calls new anonymous defect waiting
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