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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#257 Write rules of conduct for LeMill assigned hans task blocker
#1926 Add EULA new anonymous enhancement blocker
#106 Searching from other sources new story critical
#250 Create download functionality new enhancement critical
#254 Registering as a proficient or interested practitioner of an Activity assigned tarmo story critical
#255 User profile includes services users offer assigned teemu story critical
#678 Import PILOTs to Fle3 assigned tarmo enhancement critical
#703 Implement sending content to Portal new anonymous enhancement critical
#740 Science template new anonymous story critical
#767 Reorganizing material and adding chapters between existing chapters new anonymous story critical
#775 Choosing appropriate school grades for learning resources reopened anonymous story critical
#1239 Draft and published resources new anonymous story critical
#1300 LeMill has media conversion capabilities new anonymous story critical
#1463 Spike LeMill network new tarmo task critical
#1617 Presentations should support both media pieces and plain image files assigned jukka enhancement critical 2.7
#1618 Allow PPT, ODP and PDF uploads to Presentations assigned jukka enhancement critical 2.7
#1619 Hook Presentations to external image files and the extraction process assigned jukka enhancement critical 2.7
#1620 Create PPT/ODP/PDF extraction background process assigned tarmo enhancement critical 2.7
#1626 Profile and optimize LeMill new anonymous task critical
#1756 Automatic performance measurement assigned tarmo task critical 2.7
#2022 Link adding in editor broken new jukka defect critical
#46 More like these -search new anonymous story major
#56 Viewing information about a user new teemu story major
#73 Sending messages to others new anonymous story major
#197 Aliases for resources new anonymous story major
#224 User views a resource from a remote toolbox new anonymous story major
#253 Suggestions to resource metadata fields new anonymous story major
#271 User experience levels new story major
#434 Story should show the images of its resources and its author assigned hans story major
#534 Adding knowledge outcomes to collections new anonymous story major
#741 Validate XHTML assigned szabolcs task major
#781 Commenting resources new anonymous story major
#1419 Change page footer new enhancement major
#2028 Fill in the blanks exercise handled multiple correct answers incorrectly new anonymous defect major
#14 Visitor finds out about the system assigned teemu story minor
#77 Create installation package for Linux new anonymous enhancement minor
#78 Create installation package for Windows new anonymous enhancement minor
#79 Create installation package for Mac new anonymous enhancement minor
#256 Giving endorsments to other users assigned tarmo story minor
#1575 Returning to discussion after replying new anonymous defect minor
#1902 Invitation mail has missing field new anonymous defect minor
#1957 Announcement email about new contact has incorrect link new anonymous defect minor
#244 Teacher goes from portal basket to toolbox basket assigned tarmo story postponed
#245 Teacher sends improved content to the Portal assigned tarmo story postponed
#1024 Add hCard microformat information to member profile page new anonymous enhancement waiting
#1506 Enable word highlighting in text editor new anonymous defect waiting
#1579 Ajax reordering of collection items new anonymous defect waiting
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