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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1632 Collections-to-PDF assigned hans story blocker 2.7
#1124 Redesign of the "New learning resource" page new anonymous story critical
#1162 Mobile media in LeMill assigned tarmo story critical
#1594 e-mail announcements about changes in LeMill assigned tarmo story critical 2.1
#330 Making a local copy of the content found from the remote LeMill servers new anonymous story major
#641 Showing search results in "type boxes" new anonymous story major
#658 Redesign the views: Drafts and Published new story major
#659 Redesign the community main page for loged in user new hans story major
#661 Redesign the Collections page new story major
#1209 Cancel button in the "Add media piece" and "Add reference" pages new defect major
#1474 Giving language metadata for tags and translating the tags new anonymous story major
#1741 Searching and importing free photos from flickr and Wikimedia Commons new anonymous task major
#331 "Cite this resource" feature new anonymous story minor
#1125 Users competence "profiles" new anonymous story minor
#1161 Simple flat commenting of resources (content, methods and tools) new anonymous story minor
#1225 What's going on page design new anonymous prototype minor
#1226 What's going on RSS feed design new anonymous prototype minor
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