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#257 Write rules of conduct for LeMill assigned hans task blocker
#558 Presentation to images plugin assigned tarmo story blocker
#1632 Collections-to-PDF assigned hans story blocker
#1677 Collection from collections assigned hans story blocker
#1727 Possibility to customize collection front page assigned hans story blocker
#1774 Redesign of presentation template new anonymous prototype blocker
#1775 Uploaded presentations can be downloaded in original format new anonymous story blocker
#1853 A question for all developers: Should we store all binary data as external files? new anonymous story blocker
#1854 LeMill statistics module new anonymous story blocker
#1855 Implement statistics module assigned ayly enhancement blocker
#1860 Embeding LeMill resources to other web pages new anonymous story blocker
#1861 Embedding portfolio portlet to blog sidebar new anonymous story blocker
#1862 Embedding collection portlet to blog sidebar new anonymous story blocker
#1877 Calculating scores for collections assigned hans story blocker
#1878 Implement scores for collections new anonymous enhancement blocker
#1879 Calculating scores for members assigned hans story blocker
#1880 Implement scores for members new anonymous enhancement blocker
#1926 Add EULA new anonymous enhancement blocker
#1939 Publishing SlideShare presentations in LeMill new anonymous story blocker
#1941 Large collections give time-out error when downloading PDF booklet new anonymous defect blocker
#106 Searching from other sources new story critical
#250 Create download functionality new enhancement critical
#254 Registering as a proficient or interested practitioner of an Activity assigned tarmo story critical
#255 User profile includes services users offer assigned teemu story critical
#448 Adjust advanced search for LeMill new enhancement critical
#457 Make progress indicator for uploading files new anonymous enhancement critical
#678 Import PILOTs to Fle3 assigned tarmo enhancement critical
#703 Implement sending content to Portal new anonymous enhancement critical
#740 Science template new anonymous story critical
#767 Reorganizing material and adding chapters between existing chapters new anonymous story critical
#775 Choosing appropriate school grades for learning resources reopened anonymous story critical
#809 Better automated tests for uploading and creating content assigned tarmo task critical
#996 Group is removed when last member leaves the group assigned tarmo story critical
#1048 Converting the uploaded audio files assigned tarmo story critical
#1124 Redesign of the "New learning resource" page new anonymous story critical
#1162 Mobile media in LeMill assigned tarmo story critical
#1239 Draft and published resources new anonymous story critical
#1298 Using references in text new anonymous story critical
#1300 LeMill has media conversion capabilities new anonymous story critical
#1455 Fckeditor, one possible kupu replacement. new anonymous prototype critical
#1463 Spike LeMill network new tarmo task critical
#1465 Finding the piece used as cover image new anonymous story critical
#1594 e-mail announcements about changes in LeMill assigned tarmo story critical
#1617 Presentations should support both media pieces and plain image files assigned jukka enhancement critical
#1618 Allow PPT, ODP and PDF uploads to Presentations assigned jukka enhancement critical
#1619 Hook Presentations to external image files and the extraction process assigned jukka enhancement critical
#1620 Create PPT/ODP/PDF extraction background process assigned tarmo enhancement critical
#1622 When writing tags, most used tags for that content type are displayed new anonymous story critical
#1626 Profile and optimize LeMill new anonymous task critical
#1694 New type of resource: Vocabulary trainer new anonymous story critical
#1725 Embedding LeMill content to other web sites new anonymous story critical
#1728 Statistics module new anonymous story critical
#1744 Simplifying plone tools: Object saving/editing and archetypes new anonymous enhancement critical
#1745 Simplifying plone tools: Our own user management new anonymous enhancement critical
#1756 Automatic performance measurement assigned tarmo task critical
#1856 Clean XHTML view new anonymous story critical
#1869 Calculating scores for learning resources assigned ayly defect critical
#1960 Adding to a collection while in collection new anonymous defect critical
#1966 Give an usable permalink for media pieces new anonymous enhancement critical
#1969 Tags -portlet for content new anonymous enhancement critical
#2004 Line breaks are lost when editing a text block new anonymous defect critical
#2020 Add language counts for all resources new jukka enhancement critical
#2022 Link adding in editor broken new jukka defect critical
#18 Course construction - automatically generated structure reopened anonymous story major
#21 Pedagogical template: different roles new anonymous story major
#23 Visual template - geographical map new anonymous story major
#24 Course contruction - unlimited inquiry span reopened anonymous story major
#33 Creating new templates new anonymous story major
#41 Information about recommended authoring tools new story major
#46 More like these -search new anonymous story major
#56 Viewing information about a user new teemu story major
#57 Visual template - matrix new anonymous story major
#61 Visual template - bookshelves new anonymous story major
#62 Pedagogical template - Dick and Carry new anonymous story major
#73 Sending messages to others new anonymous story major
#129 Display list of logged in users new anonymous story major
#197 Aliases for resources new anonymous story major
#224 User views a resource from a remote toolbox new anonymous story major
#248 Portal queries user actions new anonymous story major
#253 Suggestions to resource metadata fields new anonymous story major
#271 User experience levels new story major
#274 New users will be assigned a guide teacher new anonymous story major
#330 Making a local copy of the content found from the remote LeMill servers new anonymous story major
#371 Feedback when uploading files new anonymous story major
#394 Authoring Template: Glossary new anonymous story major
#401 Browsing results by multiple categories new anonymous story major
#423 Search in trusted communities new anonymous story major
#425 Material amortization new anonymous story major
#427 System is collecting usage information about learning resources new anonymous story major
#428 The order of search results is based on usage information new anonymous story major
#429 Cover images in section front page are displayed according to usage information of resources new anonymous story major
#434 Story should show the images of its resources and its author assigned hans story major
#452 Create endorsments new anonymous enhancement major
#455 Create links new anonymous enhancement major
#470 Status icons are displayed with each resource new anonymous story major
#471 Uploading Pieces to LeMill assigned tarmo story major
#473 Create LeMill configuration page for Plone admin new anonymous enhancement major
#474 Possibility to disable video pieces assigned tarmo story major
#485 Advanced search page new anonymous prototype major
#534 Adding knowledge outcomes to collections new anonymous story major
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