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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#183 Workflow needs to be changed vahur enhancement blocker generic
#201 Implement "browse by"-links jukka enhancement blocker generic
#202 Implement "add content" wizard meelis enhancement blocker generic
#204 Create user preference page vahur enhancement blocker generic
#205 Integration of Fle3 into Toolbox tarmo enhancement blocker generic
#206 Add publish buttons vahur enhancement blocker generic
#212 Workflow needs to be changed again vahur enhancement blocker generic
#216 Add common categories to browse by -links jukka enhancement blocker generic
#192 Skype / VoIP links gbalazs story critical generic
#194 Remove Plone's default content editing toolbar jukka enhancement critical generic
#203 Create template for viewing resources vahur enhancement critical generic
#217 Add version information to resources vahur enhancement critical generic
#218 Create new versions of resources vahur enhancement critical generic
#223 Make links in Communities-folder work jukka enhancement critical generic
#230 Review completed enhancement tickets szabolcs task critical generic
#173 Implement "my content" links jukka enhancement major generic
#193 Showing resources in a list tarmo story major generic
#208 Remove link to my folder gbalazs defect major generic
#210 MIME type control for uploaded file tarmo story major generic
#213 Show status next to title jukka enhancement major generic
#221 Hide fields from Edit Material Properties form vahur defect major generic
#225 Toolbox can have several user interface skins tarmo story major generic
#226 Create alternative skins tarmo enhancement major generic
#228 adding piece to material doesn't work tarmo defect major generic
#231 "content/browse by subject" link points to age_group instead of subject jukka defect major generic
#234 browse by heading links should show the user the available categories jukka defect major generic
#236 Add links to color CSS files gbalazs enhancement major generic
#247 Workflow when uploading material omits title gbalazs defect major generic
#222 skype name to member's properties vahur enhancement minor generic
#131 Get UI language from user preferences instead of browser settings jukka enhancement trivial generic
#233 3 language sections should be shown in the browse by area jukka defect trivial generic

Resolution: invalid (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#199 Implement resource highlighting anonymous enhancement blocker generic
#95 Include user profile to search criteria jukka enhancement critical generic
#200 Add Skype name to user properties anonymous enhancement major generic
#259 Browsing should span to remote Toolboxes jukka defect minor generic

Resolution: duplicate (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#80 Create setup page for Plone admin gbalazs enhancement major generic
#191 Fle3 integrated to the ToolBox teemu story major generic
#209 Simplify file upload form anonymous defect major generic

Resolution: worksforme (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#232 can't edit skype name in user preferences anonymous defect minor generic
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