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Giving language metadata for tags and translating the tags

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We should have the language metadata for tags and possibility to translate the tags.

When user is looking for already existing tags she may point the tag with her mouse and will get a following pop-up (we need some Ajax code in here):

Mark the language of this tag...

[check box] cz (link: translate this tag to cz)
[check box] en (link: translate this tag to en)
[check box] es (link: translate this tag to es)
[check box] et (link: translate this tag to et)
[check box] fi (link: translate this tag to fi)
[check box] fr (link: translate this tag to fr)
[check box] hu (link: translate this tag to hu)
[check box] lt (link: translate this tag to lt)
[check box] ru (link: translate this tag to ru)
[check box] se (link: translate this tag to se)

In the pop-up user may mark the language(s) of the tag or click the link "translate the tag" to get a text field where she can write the translation.

Clicking the link will give a text field for writing the translation.

If the translation already exists she may click it and will get the tag in a text field where she can edit it.

When we have the language metadata related to tags in place and translations of them we may prioritize tags that are in the language of the users UI language. However, we should also show the tags in other languages making it possible for people to translate them and to give the "language metadata".

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