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Advanced search page

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Users can search for different kind of items in LeMill. Search options that are relevant for materials might not be relevant for searching the members. Therefore we must have different views of advanced search page:

  • advanced search options for resources
  • advanced search options for members
  • advanced search options for groups
  • advanced search options for blogs

In the first select-menu user has to select the category that she will search in. Search options (checkboxes and select-menus) are displayed according to the category.

Search options for Resources:


See PDF version for better resolution.


search_resources.png (16.5 KB) - added by hans 14 years ago.
search_resources.pdf (30.7 KB) - added by hans 14 years ago.

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Needs to be accepted by Teemu.

comment:3 Changed 14 years ago by hans

Three wireframes are missing. I will work on that. If we want to accept it now we have to divide it to 4 tickets.

comment:4 Changed 14 years ago by teemu

What are the other options in the "search in resources" drop-down-menu?

We do not use the term "resource" in anywhere else in UI - why then in "advanced search"?

Maybe I will get it when I know what are the other options in the drop-down-menu.

comment:5 Changed 14 years ago by hans

The four options in scroll-down menu are:

  • resources
  • members
  • groups
  • blogs

These four have quite different "metadata" and it is easier to break search form into 4 different pages. Other option is to use tabs instead of scroll-down menu and dynamically generated form.

comment:6 Changed 14 years ago by teemu

Thakn you Hans.

I think this should we redesigned. The drop-down-menu does not make sense with the lower level options. Example:

I choose "search in members" and then search for "material" or "Pieces".

To design the advanced search I would use Google's advanced search (See: http://www.google.com/advanced_search) or Mac OSX search with "buttons" limiting the search as the references. I am sure they have spend a lot of money to design these. With the "logics" of the Google advance search the LeMill advanced search should be:

1) Open search field

2) Criterias with drop-down-menus limiting the search, the default first option is always "all/whatever". In the case of LeMill the criterias are:

  • Section - Return things that are in the section "all sections"/content/activities/tools/community" [drop-down]
  • Material or piece - Return things from the content section that are: "whatever/material/pieces" [drop-down]
  • Content - Return content where "all/title/descrition/tags/" [drop-down] contains: [text field]
  • Material - Return material where "all/title/descrition/tags/" [drop-down] contains: [text field]
  • Pieces - Return pieces where "all/title/descrition/tags/" [drop-down] contains: [text field]
  • Pieces media type - Return pieces that are whatever/images/sounds/movies/animations [drop-down]
  • Community - Return people whos "name/descrition/tags/" [drop-down] contains: [text field]
  • Activities - Return activities where "all/title/descrition/tags/" [drop-down] contains: [text field]
  • Language - Return things defined to be "any language/language list" [drop-down]
  • Date - Return things updated in the "any time/Last month/|pass 3 months/pass 6 months/ past year" [drop-down]

I am not sure about the order or grouping of these.

We could also think about "button" approach that are limiting searches. Also I am not sure if there is really a need to specify the search to be limited only to tags, description, etc.

comment:7 Changed 14 years ago by teemu

There could be also:

  • Groups - Return groups whos "name/descrition/tags/" [drop-down] contains: [text field]
  • Group Blogs: - Return group blogs whos "name/descrition/tags/" [drop-down] contains: [text field]

comment:8 Changed 14 years ago by jukka

Current Advanced Search at http://lemill.org/demo/lemill_search_form (if that link takes to advanced search and not search) is a quick hack that only removed non-LeMill parts of Plones advanced search, but it still is pretty good. I would consider carefully does it need to be more complicated.

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