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    initial v7  
    1 Teacher have find some interesting materials from toolbox. He fields, that just presenting materials in classroom is not enough. He makes an other search and gets lot of pedagogical templates how to design lesson. He chooses simple lesson structure (list, that contains lesson items like: start of lesson, objectives of lesson, remembering previous materials, presentation of new materials, supervisioning of individual work, implementation of knowledges, collecting feedback, Evaluation and management of learning processes). He drags learning resources from list of query result in to presentation field in lesson structure, but other fields are empty and he has to full fill them by himself or delete them if he finds, that those parts are not important in that lesson. 
     1Lesson plan template contains the following fields: 
     2* Title 
     3* Lesson topic / theme 
     4* Subject area 
     5* Target group 
     6* Goals and objectives 
     7* Description of the lesson 
     8* Content 
     9* Methods 
     10* Tools 
     11* Evaluation / assessment 
     12* Teacher reflections 
     14UI prototype of the template with form field sizes: 
     16UI prototype in PDF format (for copying texts): 
     18Lesson plan template has an about page (just like web page, presentation, exercise and PILOT templates have). It is not important if about page contains “subject area” and “target group” fields or not -- choose this option that is easier to do. 
     20Lesson plans are displayed in a same way as references: field name in bold text, colon, line break, text. 
     22Content, methods and tools are processed and displayed in the following way: 
     23# Entered text is divided to paragraphs, each paragraph is going to be displayed as one item in a bulleted list. 
     24# URL’s are displayed as links, URL is used as link text 
     25# URL’s to LeMill resources are displayed so that actual titles are used as link text