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Story proposal from David:

Yesterday I was browsing LeMill.net, working to get a better handle on it. I clicked on tools (or was it activities?) and somehow found a tag for wiki and clicked on it and was brought to the page Tarmo had made telling a bit of the use of a wiki as well as telling about a free wiki service on the web. That was nice to know and I thought others might want to also know about pbwiki.com which is another free wiki service I've used. So then I tried to figure out how to add this info... I thought it would be nice to just add a comment to the page, but I didn't see that capability. Then I looked for a way to make a new page that would somehow cluster to Tarmo's page like in the Jamming module of FLE3 and didn't find that. Finally, I just clicked on the edit tab, added my words to Tarmo's page with a link to pbwiki and saved. I didn't really feel comfortable doing that but we are experimenting... I would really like to have comments enabled like they are on Plone.org. Over time that could make some pages pretty long :). None the less, it would allow community knowledge and expertise to accumulate in a logical place.

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