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We should get some basic knowledge of the features of SCORM and IMS LD - …
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Since Connexions, Eduplone and LAMS seem to have similar goals and …
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Instructions for using IRC
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Responses to Teemu's comments (diff)
11:41 Ticket #7 (Design of the participatory design sessions) created by tarmo
Teemu needs to write out quite [wiki:DesignSessionInstructions detailed …
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15:03 Ticket #6 (Initial user story list) created by tarmo
Based on the results of the design sessions (#5), a list of features is …
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14:40 Ticket #5 (Summaries and translations of design sessions) created by tarmo
After the design sessions have been held (#4), they need to be summarized …
14:31 Ticket #4 (Participatory design sessions) created by tarmo
The participatory design sessions use …
14:19 Ticket #3 (Teacher recruitment) created by tarmo
We need groups of 2 or 3 (maximum of 5) teachers from several countries to …
12:38 Ticket #2 (Additional scenarios for participatory design sessions) created by tarmo
We need 4-5 scenarios in total. Work on these should commence as soon as …
12:36 Scenarios created by tarmo
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12:20 Ticket #1 (First scenario for participatory design sessions) created by tarmo
The first scenario should work as an example to other …


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