23:08 Ticket #1765 (Discussions are missing from the UI) closed by jukka
fixed: Fixed with a scripy in server that reindexes all blogposts.
21:53 Ticket #1765 (Discussions are missing from the UI) created by teemu
All the previous discussion in the lemill.net are now missing from the UI.
18:13 LeMill-2.4.tar.gz attached to Download by jukka
Release 2.4 final
18:12 Download edited by jukka
18:11 LeMill-2.4.zip attached to Download by jukka
Release 2.4 final
18:10 Download edited by jukka
18:01 Changeset [2466]
Upgraded from 2.4beta to 2.4
17:57 Changeset [2465]
Tagged version 2.4
17:45 Changeset [2464]
Fixed an issue with checkTitle returning too many similar titles and …
16:50 Ticket #1763 (Exercise feedback is not displayed correctly) closed by tarmo
16:40 Changeset [2463]
Fixes ##1763. _() syntax does not work, need to use self.translate. …
16:28 Milestone 2.4 completed
15:03 Changeset [2462]
Fixed issue where discussion in unassigned_discussions gives error to …
14:44 Changeset [2461]
Fixed issue where wrong portlets are visible when viewing history
13:58 Ticket #1764 (Body text for method is not displayed) created by hans
Body text for the following method is not displayed: …
13:14 Ticket #1763 (Exercise feedback is not displayed correctly) created by hans
Exercise feedback is not displayed correctly: …


12:09 Changeset [2460]
LeMill upgraded from to 2.4b


17:53 Download edited by tarmo
Added note about 2.4 (diff)
17:52 Ticket #1762 (Efficiency enhanement: Split LargeSectionFolders to pieces, web pages, ...) created by jukka
Suggestion, needs approval from Hans Even if BTreeFolders …
17:51 LeMill-2.4b.tar.gz attached to Download by tarmo
LeMill version 2.4b
17:50 LeMill-2.4b.zip attached to Download by tarmo
LeMill version 2.4b
17:42 Changeset [2459]
Tagged version 2.4b
17:40 Changeset [2458]
Updated version number to 2.4b
17:35 Ticket #1724 (Exercise template has a web-based feedback) closed by tarmo
17:34 Milestone 2.3 completed
This milestone was skipped.
15:51 Changeset [2457]
Fixed two small issues in retracting published objects and changing …
14:15 Changeset [2456]
Updated Estonian translation
14:11 Changeset [2455]
Vocabulary update.
14:03 Changeset [2454]
Updated Estonian translation
13:57 Changeset [2453]
Updated links in the footer


22:17 Changeset [2452]
Updated Estonian translation


16:46 Changeset [2451]
References #1759, does something for number 8, don't know if that is a …
16:38 Changeset [2450]
Added one thing so that the translation system would take up the right …
15:32 Changeset [2449]
Minor corrections to vocabulary and visible strings. Had to add IEEE LOM …
15:30 Changeset [2448]
Vocabulary update.
15:24 Changeset [2447]
Added custom version of pygettext, that can handle default values for …
15:21 Changeset [2446]
Corrected the link for discussion, was pointing to a section
11:42 Changeset [2445]
Added ids for the large translation messages
11:39 Changeset [2444]
Added xgettext to vocabulary extraction.


16:21 Changeset [2443]
Added meta_type back to the catalog metadata
16:01 Ticket #1758 (Implement web-based feedback for exercises) closed by pjotr
fixed: Mainly, this looks like done.
16:00 Ticket #1720 (Sponsor logos in the footer) closed by pjotr
fixed: This one should be done.
15:54 Changeset [2442]
Reverted PO files to pre-2440 versions, so we don't lose any existing …
14:54 Changeset [2441]
References #1758, as requested, percentages are here
12:11 Changeset [2440]
Another vocabulary update.
12:08 Changeset [2439]
Vocabulary update.
11:59 Changeset [2438]
Only the first answer from mahy correct is shown, no brackets any more, …
11:59 Ticket #1761 (Displaying feedback for fill in the blanks exercises) closed
fixed: (In [2438]) Only the first answer from mahy correct is shown, no brackets …


16:52 Changeset [2437]
References #1758, added javascript to show the hidden form
16:31 Ticket #1760 (Exercise feedback returns error) closed by pjotr
fixed: Should be ok now.
16:30 Ticket #1761 (Displaying feedback for fill in the blanks exercises) created by hans
Two changes should be made to displaying feedback for fill in the blanks …
16:19 Changeset [2436]
References #1758, forgot the main thing
16:18 Changeset [2435]
References #1758, the answers are now in the same order as in in question …
14:46 Changeset [2434]
References #1760, unicoded them all
14:33 Ticket #1760 (Exercise feedback returns error) created by hans
Exercise feedback returns error: […] I exercise was used in new …


14:42 Changeset [2433]
Corrected two permission mistakes that prevented collaborative editing.
14:41 Changeset [2432]
Worked around a problem preventing installation of LeMill onto an empty …


17:42 Changeset [2431]
References #1720, did that according to the specs atm, soros logo is …


12:11 Ticket #1749 (formulas in LaTeX are not translated to images) reopened by hans
I do not see images in that page. Tested with Safari and Firefox (without …


19:12 Changeset [2430]
All catalog searches should use 'getId' not 'id'. Fixed one.
18:59 Changeset [2429]
Deleted group blocks creation of new group by hiding from catalog
18:18 Changeset [2428]
Objects are created with a state 'public' or 'draft'
17:48 Changeset [2427]
Removed kludge, turned out to be quite dangerous. :)
17:02 Changeset [2426]
References #1758, it is done or almost done, should be closed today
16:59 Changeset [2425]
References #1759, issue 4 is done, collection portlet is fine
16:09 Changeset [2424]
Small kludge to upgrade script.
16:03 Changeset [2423]
Created offline utility script to help in upgrade script execution. Added …
15:21 Changeset [2422]
Schema update method now does periodic commits.
14:50 Ticket #1759 (Problems of this version (general ticket)) created by pjotr, jukka
Here are some of the things that I have found till now: FIXED in [2428]
14:04 Ticket #1581 (Explore and implement OAI harvesting interface) closed by tarmo
14:03 Ticket #1233 (Evaluate LeMill's accessibility) closed by tarmo
14:03 Ticket #1144 (LeMidlet media support enhancements) closed by tarmo
wontfix: Left unfinished.
14:02 Ticket #1249 (Design and implementation of participatory design sessions 2) closed by tarmo
wontfix: Not done.
14:01 Ticket #1754 (Media file upload doesn't work) closed by tarmo
fixed: Fixed again.
13:23 Ticket #1749 (formulas in LaTeX are not translated to images) closed by pjotr
invalid: I do see images in this example page by Jukka: …
13:01 Changeset [2421]
References #1758 not ready yet, but getting closer, also forgot to add new …
08:46 Changeset [2420]
bump lemill version as requested by jpurma
08:45 Changeset [2419]
switch to lemill.org repository, leibniz is suddenly gone too
08:45 Changeset [2418]
decrease number of threads, increase object cache


17:42 Changeset [2417]
References #1758, not ready yet
17:25 Changeset [2416]
Fixed issue where checks for good title used catalog fields which aren't …


16:43 Changeset [2415]
Fixed showing discussion links in portlets.
16:24 Ticket #1732 (Collections/stories should have a language) closed by pjotr
fixed: I guess it's working. Closing the ticket at last.
15:05 Changeset [2414]
Added a join link in global_personalbar


18:20 Changeset [2413]
Fixed checkTitle
18:19 Changeset [2412]
This is pretty important for new portlets to work :(
16:20 Changeset [2411]
Fixed creating a new instance and speeded up portlets
04:06 Ticket #1758 (Implement web-based feedback for exercises) created by hans
Implement web-based feedback for exercises as described in #1724


17:44 Ticket #1757 (Simplifying plone tools: Replace references with lists of UID:s) created by jukka
I have noticed that references (a field type, not content type) are quite …


14:48 Changeset [2410]
Portlets are much more efficient and simpler now and work independent of …


16:39 Changeset [2409]
Worked on #1743. *Important* Update first to latest tagged release …
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