13:47 Ticket #1964 (Sending exercise by e-mail doesn't work) closed by jukka
worksforme: Tested, works now. There was a period when email sending didn't work at …
13:46 Ticket #1972 (Exercise e-mail feedback page has no link back to resource.) created by jukka
Feedback page should have some clear link back to view the exercise and …
13:37 Ticket #1971 (Exercise e-mail form's 'Submit' button visibility) created by jukka
Submit-button is outside the folded part, which doesn't make sense as the …
11:09 Changeset [3023] by jukka
Fixed #1970. Fixed missing javascript.
11:09 Ticket #1970 (Uploading media pieces doesnt't work) closed by jukka
fixed: (In [3023]) Fixed #1970. Fixed missing javascript.
09:39 Ticket #1970 (Uploading media pieces doesnt't work) created by hans
Uploading media pieces doesnt't work: …
05:35 Changeset [3022] by jukka
Fixes for after upgrade bugs
05:30 Changeset [3021] by jukka
Fixed audio to not start playing when still loading. Didn't notice it …
02:57 Changeset [3020] by jukka
Version 2.11.1
02:54 Changeset [3019] by jukka
Tagged version 2.11.1
02:13 Changeset [3018] by jukka
Refactored adding pieces to webpages to use jQuery. Nothing dramatic yet, …


04:03 Changeset [3017] by jukka
Tagged version 2.11
03:38 Changeset [3016] by jukka
Fixed saving with new editor and put back try-expect around sendmail.
03:12 Changeset [3015] by jukka
Created a lemill theme for tinyMCE, adds links, tables and other …
03:06 Changeset [3014] by jukka
Preparing for new i18n extraction and removing references to kupu, next …


19:02 Changeset [3013] by jukka
Done #1969, material portlets have tags-section.
18:21 Changeset [3012] by jukka
Simplified content creation page according to …


02:26 Changeset [3011] by jukka
Fixed a tricky combination of percentage marks and string formation …
02:08 Changeset [3010] by jukka
PILOTs can now be embedded. Unified to use same portlet macro as embedding …


23:25 Changeset [3009] by jukka
Forgotten pilot widget and some preference changes there and fixed an …
23:23 Changeset [3008] by jukka
Fixed an issue when sounds finished loading before images and things …
20:38 Changeset [3007] by jukka
New PILOT player. 6544 bytes instead of 85000, more robust, fullscreen and …
20:24 Changeset [3006] by jukka
New PILOT player. Can do fullscreen and is more resilient with xml …
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