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Coding standards

Work cycle

  1. Locate ticket you want to work on.
  2. Accept the ticket (and if it's not estimated yet, add an estimate of how much time you think you'll need).
  3. Take an svn update.
  4. Create unit tests that match the ticket description.
  5. Implement until tests pass.
  6. Do an svn commit, with a message like "references #15, spent 2h, remaining 4h". You can leave out the "remaining"-part if your estimate hasn't changed (the amount spent will be deducted from the remaining time). Aliases for "references" are: "refs", "re", "see". You can also close the ticket, with the commands "close", "closed", "closes", "fix", "fixes", "fixed".

See for more details on writing unit tests.

Source code

  • For indentation use 4 spaces
  • For line feeds use Unix line feeds (LF)
  • Use normal naming conventions used in Plone