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There are several ways to contribute.

Subscribe to the mailing list and join the conversation

We have a MailingList for LeMill users, so join the list and participate in the conversations.

Use LeMill and provide feedback

Start using and provide feedback. Feedback can be sent to the MailingList.

Translate LeMill to your language

See the TranslationGuidelines for more information.

Host LeMill in your country/area/school

If you have a spare server and would like to host LeMill for your locality, you are free to do so - LeMill is free and open source software. See the Download page for installation instructions. If you start hosting a LeMill server, either publicly, or to your own school or university or other organization, we'd appreciate hearing from you (MailingList).

Send bug reports

If you find any problems, either technical dysfunctionality, or usability issues, or anything else that doesn't seem quite right, let us know in the MailingList.

Send code patches

If you make any fixes or improvements to the source code, you can send patches to tarmo.toikkanen@….

Become a developer

If you wish to contribute more than just every now and then, contact tarmo.toikkanen@… for an account in this Trac system, which will allow you to work on tickets, commit directly to the source code repository, and modify the wiki.