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Design ideas

Visualisations of "learning object" repositories

Big Picture

The big picture shows connections between (1) news articles, (2) companies related to them and (3) topics (some kinf of key words / tags I assume):

Browsing with images

This is a visualisation of a an online shop. You can browse the images of (1) top sellers (anyone can add items to be sold in the site), (2) top items or (3) view random sellers or (4) random items and (4) see recent sold items.

More nice Flash stuff from the same site:


Shop by colour:

Time machine:

Hyperbolic tree browser for presenting and browsing of huge amount of information. For example all content pieces and materials can be displayed on same window. See demos on TimeWall? (same as timeline or timemachine) and TableLens? are also very interesting solutions.

Marketing slogans

en plein dans le mille.

en plein dans LeMill.

en plein dans LeMille?.

Teaching case studies

A site with a collection of case studies of teachers using technology in their teaching:

Miscellaneous ideas

These should be moved to suitable categories as such are found.

Objects in the toolbox: courses, modules, item, templates. Course contains several modules, modules contain several items (multimedia, text...) and modules are presented using templates.(*

Items should be locatable from inside the system, but also from external sources (user's own computer, public repositories...).(*

*) the ideas are from the the study and walk through of Connexions ( and Pachyderm (

It was presented: We use the Connexions / Plone source as the starting point for our product but use some of the ideas presented in the Pachyderm (especially the template and the "flash editor" idea)

In the book we like ( they use a little arrow to hide and show content. They also use the arrow when there are a longer texts (like in a discussion / comments). In the main page click the FIND and BROWSE. Have a look of page with many - some longish - recommendations, as well:

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