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Instructions for Participatory Design Sessions

version 1.0


  • 1 Researcher / designer
  • 2-3 Teachers


  • Note book and a pen for you
  • Piles of blank paper and some pens for for all the participants
  • Digital camera
  • Digital audio recorder + microphone
  • Scenarios with visualizations
  • As many printouts of the following comic strips as there are participants (see the attachements in the bttomo of the page)


  • Quiet and private space with chairs and tabels for writing and possible drawing


  • The session will last about of 2-3 hours


  1. Introduce yourself and the CALIBRATE -project (just a name and european r&d project)
  2. Explain that this session/discussion is organized to gather early ideas from teachers on what kind of online tools they would like to use
  3. Tell participants that you are going to record the session and take pictures, but that the material will be used only for research purposes
  4. Press "record" of your digital audio recorder
  5. For ice breaking (for forgetting the audio recordng) show the follwoing comic strips for the participants (translate the texts for them)
  6. Ask what did they think about the strips? Was it funny? Why? Is this kind of discussions common among children?
  7. Give the first scenario (same for all) for teachers to read it
  8. Put the visualizations related to the scenarios on the table, as well
  9. Ask each teacher: Did the story wake-up any thoughts? Is this a possible story? How would it continue?