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Corrected upgrade steps

Downloads and releases


To install LeMill (Toolbox - the old name) you need:

  • LeMill 0.5+ (revision 444+): Plone 2.5 and either Zope 2.8.7 or Zope 2.9.3
  • older versions: Plone 2.1.x and Zope 2.8.2
  • (PloneTestCase for running the unit tests)

Just extract the package into Zope's Products folder, restart Zope, and create a new Plone instance with the "Toolbox" customization policy.


To upgrade from an earlier version of LeMill (starting from version 0.3, which is the first supported version), you need to:

  • Extract the new version into Zope's Products folder, restart Zope
  • In ZMI:
    • Go to your LeMill instance(s), and:
      • In portal_migration go to Setup and update the "LeMill site" customization policy
      • In portal_quickinstaller reinstall LeMill
      • In portal_workflow run "Update security settings"
      • In archetypes tool run "Update schema"
      • In portal_catalog run "Update catalog"
  • Done!

Prototype 1 (0.1)

Just a barely functional prototype, mainly for internal testing. Released 31.1.2006.

Prototype 2 (0.2)

More functional version, planned release on 21.3.2006, released 7.4.2006.

Louhi (0.3)

First release with working basic functionality. Planned release 18.5.2006, released 22.5.2005. This is the first supported version, meaning that any data created with this version will be retained when upgrading to a newer version of LeMill.

Suur Tõll (0.4)

Planned release 16.6.2006, released 16.6.2006. Has basic functionality of all resources implemented, so the system can actually be used.

Egle (0.5)

Planned release 14.7.2006, released 14.7.2006, although not all planned functionality was implemented, due to changes in developers' work schedules.

Ambiorix (0.6)

Planned release 28.7.2006.