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/if teachers_email/
+students_name+ has completed LeMill-exercise +Title+ at +absolute_url+.
/if not teachers_email/
You have completed LeMill-exercise +Title+ at +absolute_url+.

/if multiple_question/
To question '+question+' your answer was:
Correct answer is:
+canswer0+, +canswer1, ...
Your answer is +percent+% correct!

/if fill-in-the-blanks/
In fill-in-the-blanks exercise your answers and correct answers are: 
..Text goes here [+youranswer0+]{+correctanswer0+}.. more text  [+youranswer1+]{+correctanswer1+}...
You got +correct+/+all+ correct!

/if open-ended/
Your answer to question '+question+' was: 

Your teacher will give you feedback on your answer. 

Best regards, LeMill