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Themes for focus group interviews

Focus group interview should cover the following themes (updated August 2007):

Getting started

  • How did you find out about LeMill?
  • How easy or difficult was it to get started with LeMill?
  • Have you read LeMill FAQ or other documentation?
  • What kind of support material teachers need?


  • Do you turn your attention to copyright issues related to learning resources?
  • Have you found from LeMill useful content made by other teachers?
  • How did you use the content you found? Did you modify it according to your needs?
  • What motivates you to publish your learning resources in LeMill?
  • How do you use LeMill content in your lessons?


  • Have you ever got lost in LeMill?
  • Is there something confusing in the user interface?
  • Are there operations that require too many steps to be completed?
  • Do you find on-screen messages understandable and helpful?


  • How often do you visit LeMill?
  • Do you follow what's going on? How?
  • Have you made new contacts in LeMill?
  • How do you feel about working together on a content with other teachers?
  • Have you thought to invite somebody to work with you?
  • How much would it mean to you to know that someone is using material that you have created?

Other software

  • What kind of other software you are using to create learning resources?
  • What kind of Web 2.0 environments you are using in your teaching and learning?
  • What kind of software you use to communicate with students, parents and friends?
  • Do you use any learning environment or learning management system?
  • How do you see the roles of LeMill and the Portal in CALIBRATE project?
  • Are LeMill and the Portal supporting each other or are they competing for attention?

Future needs

  • What should we do to get more teachers to LeMill?
  • How your colleagues would feel about LeMill?
  • What is missing from LeMill?
  • Do you need additional learning resource templates? Which?