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Learning Mill

LeMill is a web community for finding, authoring and sharing open and free learning resources.

LeMill is independent server software that is hosted for free for anyone at and that can be downloaded freely.

LeMill is also part of the European Schoolnet's Learning Resource Exchange Portal developed in the European (IST) Calibrate project. In the Calibrate project LeMill is part of the EUN LRE Portal, and referred as the "Learning Toolbox", since it is a tool used for working collaboratively with resources.

See also: Overview and FAQ

Introduction for teachers and other learning content creators

LeMill is a web community for teachers (and for anyone else interested in learning resources) for

  • finding learning content, pedagogical techniques, tools and tips for use that encourage collaborative learning approaches
  • authoring learning resources collaboratively with other teachers (and others)
  • sharing experiences
  • professional development
  • metalearning (learning about learning)

The Mission of LeMill

Some candidate slogans:

  • "Give all children meaningful/quality learning experiences."
  • "Give all learners meaningful/quality learning activities."
  • "All learners of the world, unite!"
  • "Learning equality"
  • "Material quality - immaterial equality"
  • "Give teachers simple tools to improve the way students learn."
  • "Free speech *with* free beer!"
  • "The combined wisdom of all the teachers in the world."
  • "Lessons for learning"


Short list of what teachers and other content authors can do in LeMill:

  • find open content to enrich their learning material
  • browse ready-made learning material aimed for their subject area, teaching language and student age range
  • browse pedagogically meaningful activities with links to background theory
  • connect to other teachers who teach the same subject area, or in the same language, or the same age range
  • make collections of good or promising material and activities
  • create lesson plans with all the content and activity descriptions they need for a lesson or course
  • use learning material in their own VLE (virtual learning environment)
  • share experiences they've had with certain learning content and activities
  • create and share new learning material from the material they have in their own computers
  • create and share new learning material built from pieces of open learning content
  • translate material made by others to other languages and locales
  • improve material made by others
  • create material based on material made by others
  • create and join groups around certain themes
  • follow and comment on the activities of groups

Technical details

Learning Mill is a Plone product. Plone in turn is a publishing system for the Zope application server. Zope is written using the Python programming language and runtime environment. All these are Free/Libre? software.