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MERLOT is a learning object referratory that is developed by California State University Center for Distributed Learning. The actual learning content is not stored in the database, only the metadata and reference to the location. For this reason MERLOT system is using term material instead of learning object.

Each user has to fill up her member profile, which includes her skills and interests as well as contact information. It is possible to browse other users by their skills and interests. All the learning resources contributed by the user are visible in her profile.

MERLOT has developed a social recommendations system for learning materials. Firstly MERLOT has set up a peer review system that is similar to academic peer review process. The system has 15 discipline communities with editorial boards that conduct peer reviews. Each submitted material is initially examined to determine its priority for being reviewed. Each peer review focuses on three dimensions: Quality of Content, Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool, and Ease of Use. Secondly all the members can add comments and ratings on learning materials. Thirdly users can add a learning material to their collection. The sorting of materials is based on the ratings and collection information.

On the authoring side MERLOT encourages users to add assignments on learning materials. In addition to the text of the assignment, the assignment form contains learning objectives, pre-requisites, education level, technical requirements, and other information necessary to contextualize the use of the material.