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    55Here's a list of past meetings, the most recent first. 
     7== 19.7.2006, 14:00 EEST (FlashMeeting) == 
     9=== Agenda ===  
     11 * Release 0.6 Ambiorix: status check and priorities  
     12 * What editor will be used in LeMill  
     13 * LeMiddlet (Mobile piece uploader) status check  
     14 * Deliverable 3.2. construction  
     16=== Minutes ===  
     18 * To the 0.6 Ambiorix we must have a clear separation of "pieces" and "material", so that one can broswe and search only on of them. At the moment LeMill is very hard to use as finding the "materials" is not simple enough. For this release we also need the templates for creating learning material: multimedia page and presentation. When these (browsing and searching by material/piece + templates) are implemented we should produce to the LeMill some really useful material that can be used in demonstrations. Otherwise the tickets accepted to the release 0.6 and their priorities are correct. 
     19 * We decided that we will use the WYM editor ( For those users whoes borwiser is not supported we will show the HTML in a normal text area. The HTML tags accepted will be very limited. Hans coordinates this. We will also report and maybe fix the WYM editor's bug of doing lists. Tarmo will do this.  
     20 * Laszlo is not at his office this week, however, he is working on the LeMiddlet and is in schedule with it. There could be more detailed tickets related to the LeMiddlet and the source code could be included to the SVN.  
     21 * Teemu, Tarmo and Hans are getting the deliverable 3.2 ready untill Thusrday (final deadline). The document is written in the wiki, in here [wiki:ReportLOTdemo]. Hans will do the wireframe prototypes of the three templates andwill write explanation texts about them with a several different "usecases / scenarious of use". Teemu will write the definitions and Tarmo will cooordinate the whole (introduction, abstract, language check, etc.) 
    725== 12.6.2006, 14:00 EEST (FlashMeeting) ==