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A metaphor of the system

Metaphor by Teemu

  • Seminar room for collaborative learning
  • Library for learning content that is divided to (1) content items (article, image, audio, etc.); (2) modules (learning objects) and; (3) courses (full course materials). The content of the Libraries will be free to anyone to search, browse, read and use. These contents are also visible for the federated search engine developed in WP2.
  • Editorial room for teachers (and whoever is interested in) to add content items, modules and courses to the Library. "Project", "workgroup" and "workshop" are also good metaphors.

Metaphor by Tarmo (with comments from Teemu)

Organized learning takes place in a "seminar room" or "workshop area" (=learning environment), while all content resides in the library. Teachers can go into the library, look for suitable content, and bring it with them to the classroom. Also students are allowed into the library and they can look for content relating to their current study tasks or study something else that they're interested in.

Comments ->

  • Teemu: The way of "bringing" content to the learning environment should be a link to the content in the Library than a copy of the content
  • Tarmo: This is an implementation-specific detail, isn't it? The metaphoric idea is still that the teacher grabs the book from the library and takes it to the seminar room with him.
  • Teemu: hmm.. I think making links should be a basic skill and common knowledge, so people should understand what is happening in here and not to think that "they grab the book with them, if they do not".

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In the library there is an authoring room where teachers (and maybe students as well?) can go to customize some learning content to better fit their course. Customization includes localization (translation of the text and speech, changing of images and video), extension (adding new information and content) and wrapping (modifying the learning instructions of the package). In the authoring room teachers can also create new learning content from scratch, and once finished, put the content in the library for anyone to use.

Comments ->

  • Teemu: There should be someway to publish content - e.g. summaries - from the learning environment as well. This should be the primary way to get content to the library from the students / pupils.
  • Tarmo: Yes, the border between the learning environment / seminar room and the authoring room or editorial room is quite fuzzy. So learning content authoring should be possible from the learning environment as well.

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(A metaphor is one of the Extreme Programming practices, designed to enhance both communication and unity of purpose. Since people need concrete things to really graps things, it's good to augment abstract concepts with fitting metaphors.)

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