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When choosing name for the product we should think about:

  • Where is it already used?
  • Is it possible to become the first in search engines (Google)?
  • What does it mean in other languages?

It also has to reflect the aim and content of “it” and sound nice.

Our toolbox is aimed to be like workshop - cosy place where teachers can come together, share experiences and make together new “staff”.

It is educational or learning or knowledge building workshop but EduShop?, LearningShop? and KnowledgeShop? sounds suspicious. Seams like somebody wants to sell something. They are also heavily used: EduShop? (176000 hits in Google), LearningShop? (869) and KnowledgeShop? (1640).

Maybe we should use same word from an other language like: Workshop (chamber, shop-floor); töötuba (kamber, koda); Work Stube (Zimmer, Kammer, Werkstatt); töypaja and combine them with words Edu or Learning.

It's probably impossible to check in every European language, what does it mean.

Name ideas:

  • Learning Pattern Engine
  • Ugri
  • Toolbox. There are many other toolboxes from Apache Toolbox to Evangelism Toolbox. Toolbox is also used in MediaWiki user interface. Getting good result in Google is difficult. There are also several Learning Toolboxes.
  • Cosa Le - Collaborative Sampo of Learning (from Timo Rantalaiho)
  • Le Cosa

sounds nice - or could it be "Le Cosa", or just simply "Le Sampo" = Learning Sampo?

  • Hamlet's Mill

Comment by hans on Wed Nov 30 16:41:34 2005

I know what bierstube is, so stube must be a room... I think that LearningStube? gives a wrong impression that learning takes place in Toolbox. Of course authoring is also learning, but we must emphasize that Toolbox is not a learning environment.