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Other systems

Interesting systems

A list of systems that have interesting features or solutions.

  • Connexions: ( is a Plone based platform for authoring and using LOs (mainly text medium). It has some interesting features, such as versioning of LOs, customization of LOs in the context of a course, etc. And it's released as open source.
  • Pachyderm: ( is an open source authoring environment for creators of web-based and multimedia learning experiences. It is currently under developmemt and will be released in fall 2005.
  • LAMS: ( is an open source system for authoring and playing learning activity flows. Jan has made a document that describes LAMS and given an easy analysis on how we can use ideas from LAMS to create templates. Se attached file "LAMS \u2013 an introduction.doc"
  • MERLOT: ( learning material referratory and online community. Read a description of collaboration tools in MERLOT.
  • Collection of educational Plone products
  • GoZip: EduPlone has developed an export mechanism that support IMS Content Packaging. It is a modified ATContentTypes and there are some rumours that it can pollute a Plone installation. However, it looks interesting as we maybe want to export modules as IMS Content Packages.
  • LatexWiki is the closest Plone/Zope/Python? product that allows producing math symbols inline. It will get complicated anyway, as math symbols are created as images by necessity and images are stored with page object. This would also add LaTeX engine and Ghostscript to installation requirements.
  • Ecto is a LMS for teachers and students that focuses on freedom and collaborative pedagogy, and in many ways similar to LeMill.


A list of systems that provide interfaces or APIs that we should consider implementing.

User Interfaces

A list of clever user interface technologies and some examples - please add here more.