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Pedagogy and learning

Pedagogical design principles

LeMill contains tools for collaborative learning, more precisely tools that support progressive inquiry learning and knowledge building. The design of LeMill must be always considered from this perspective.

We must be careful with the concepts and the vocabulary that will be used in the user interface of LeMill. The words used should be easy to understand by the users, but on the otherhand also communicate the pedagogical design principles for them.

In the design of features the rule is: What ever feature - even if it would be very "nice to have" - if it does not support our pedagogical design principles it will be left out. The general design principles of the LeMill can be summaries to be as follows.

LeMill supports:

  • Collaborative inquiry learning

  • Collaborative knowledge building
  • Collaborative design process
  • Sharing of expertise
  • Student-centered learning

Collaborative learning is an umbrella term for learning activities taking place in the form of an interaction among a group of people. The 'density' of intensity of the collaboration can - for instance - be broken down to five steps:

(1) Solo activity where there are individual objects, individual scripts of processes, and little or no communication between subjects;

(2) Co-ordinated activity with individual objects, but shared scripts of working processes, and little or no communication between the subjects;

(3) Co-operative activity with one shared object and script of process and some communication;

(4) Collaborative activity with shared objects, various shared alternative scripts of processes and lots of communication;

(5) Co-constructive activity with shared objects, but also the scripts of processes are objects to work on with lots of communication.

LeMill will enhance collecting and providing of learning resources that support all these kinds of collaborative learning: from solo activity with little or no communication between the individuals to co-constructive activity that is continuously developing its processes. LeMill will also encourage and enhance teachers and other content producers to learn collaboratively when co-constructing learning materials in LeMill.