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Platform information

The toolbox should be based on Fle3 and Plone, per the consortium agreement. This means that the tools of the toolbox must be done in Python as Zope products.

The toolbox contains the following features:

  • a learning environment for collaborative learning that can utilize LOs from the Learning Resource Exchange
  • a tool for browsing and searching for LOs in the LRE
  • a tool for customizing LOs and then attaching them to a course in the learning environment
  • a tool for collaboratively authoring LOs and making them accessible through the LRE

Maybe a metaphor will help in understanding the toolbox.

A draft of the use case list for WP1 and WP2 has been developed. This is important to consider as it shows different ways teachers will upload and search the LRE. Look at the attached file "use_case_list.doc"