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Turning on profiling in Zope

Edit etc/zope.conf in your Zope folder and uncomment line

#    publisher-profile-file $INSTANCE/var/profile.dat

(search for 'profile' to find this line)

Restart Zope.

Using hammerhead to stress test LeMill

Get the hammerhead configuration from source:/bundle/hammerhead and read source:/bundle/hammerhead/README.txt You'll get nice summary information on the speed of LeMill into the results log file.

Using wget to stress test LeMill

  1. Install wget on your machine (preinstalled on most Linux boxes)
  2. Run wget -r -p -l inf -np http://servername/lemill-server/
    • you can add --delete-after if you don't want to fill your hard drive with the stuff wget downloads.
  3. You won't get any statistics from wget, but this may be useful for profiling.
  4. This may take long time.


Let's set the baseline to be Zope's default front page (Zope Quick Start on gray background) and 50 requests with 'ab' command.

Content of lemill is quite-up-to-date Data.fs

Jukka (profiling on, Macbook Dualcore 1.8Ghz, 1G mem) :

  • base: 74.70 ms/page
  • empty Plone-site, front page: 2687.90 ms
  • lemill-server/content: 2660.10 ms
  • lemill-server/content/tags: 2936.30 ms
  • lemill-server/activities 2038.20 ms
  • lemill-server/activities/tags: 2133.30 ms
  • lemill-server/tools: 2127.70 ms
  • lemill-server/tools/tags: 2396.60 ms
  • lemill-server/community: 3549.50 ms
  • lemill-server/community/members: 3395.50 ms
  • lemill-server/community/groups: 1879.60 ms