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    6161 * Example of collaborative learning usecase where multimedia page can be used  
    6262 * Link to wireframe prototype (form and view) 
     64Multimedia Page template is the default template for creating learning materials in LeMill. It enables users to compose media rich learning materials that may include not only text but also photos, sound clips and videos. The template is designed so that user has control only over semantically meaningful formatting options. Users have limited control over layout and no control over colours and typography. This way we can ensure that all learning materials look professionally designed, well readable and accessible. 
     66The following scenario will describe typical usage of presentation template: 
     72Multimedia Page template consists of text areas and piece placeholders. Text area has four symbol formatting options (bold, italic, subscript, superscript) and four block level formatting options (heading, paragraph, blockquote, preformatted text). It also possible to create bulleted lists, numbered lists and hyperlinks. Users can have only one level of headings in the Multimedia Page. This prevents them from creating too long documents with complicated structure. We expect that typical granularity for Multimedia Page is one lesson, not course. 
     74It is not possible to insert images inside the text area. Images, sound clips and videos can be inserted in piece placeholders between text sections. Sound clips and videos will be played in Flash-based players. 
    6478=== Presentation Template ===