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    2323=== Definitions === 
    25 ==== Learning Objects ==== 
     25==== Learning objects ==== 
    2727The concept of "learning objecs" is about a decade old. In 1994 Wayne Hodgins named the CedMA working group as "Learning Arhitectures, APIs and Learning Objects" (Polsani 2003). Holdings idea was to have interoperable pieces of information that could be combined like LEGO blocks (Jacobsen 2001). Since then there have been number of attemts to standardize "learning objects". In 2002 IEEE Learning Techonlogy Standards Committee agreed of the Learning Object Metadata (LOM) standard (IEEE, 2002). Same time it defined the "learning object" as follows: 
    3737In WP3 we also decided to make a clear separation between "pieces" and "materials". Pieces are not learning objects – not even learning assets (pieces of learning content that are smaller than learning objects, and thus not usable by themselves). A piece can be a single image, short audio file, or short video clip. A piece is something that is probably not very useful as such in a learning situation but can be used as a part of larger material or “learning object”. For this reason pieces do not carry any education or learning specific metadata with them. Only materials – build out of pieces - are learning objects. As materials are learning objects, they also carry learning object metadata (LOM) with them. 
    39 ==== Templages ==== 
     39==== Templates ==== 
    4141Templates are patterns used to create documents. Many people are familiar with templates from word processing and presentation software. However it is not clear how much they are actually used. In WP3 we use templates for creating learning materials. 
    4343In WP3 templates are patterns for creating learning materials (learning objects) from pieces. The pieces can be in the person’s own hard disk or can be found from an online database. These media pieces – images, audios or videos – may be added into predefined slots in the template and write or copy & paste the textual content to fields dedicated for them. 
    45 ==== Collaborative Learning ====  
     45==== Collaborative learning ====  
    4747Collaborative learning is an umbrella term for learning activities taking place in an interaction among a group of people. The density of collaboration can - for instance - be broken down to five steps: