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Empirical study of Learning Design

Editors: Jan Arild Dolonen

Contact details: InterMedia, Univ. of Oslo.,

email: janad@…


ReportLearningDesignAbstract Abstract

ReportLearningDesignIntro chapter 1: Introduction

ReportLearningDesignAim chapter 2: Conceptual framework

ReportLearningDesignTech chapter 3: Related Technologies

ReportLearningDesignIMSLD chapter 4: IMS Learning Design

ReportLearningDesignPedagogy chapter 5: Advanced Pedagogical Models

ReportLearningDesignMethod chapter 6: Case description

ReportLearningDesignAnalysis chapter 7: Analysis

ReportLearningDesignToolbox chapter 8: Implication for Toolbox development

ReportLearningDesignAcknowledgements Acknowledgements

ReportLearningDesignReferences References