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    134134== Scenario 4 == 
     136Martin is a teacher of economics in high school (16 – 18 years old students). He graduated already 10 years ago and his specialty was teacher of math and informatics. The selection of business teacher job was a big coincidence. Basically he is self studied in this field. 
     138Because of IT background he is convinced that computer is useful tool in every subject. That's why he is surprised why school's computer class is mostly empty and basically used by teachers of informatics. Five years ago, when he started work as teacher of economics he designed the course so that every second lesson was computer lab. He has created lot of learning materials. They are mostly spreadsheet based exercises for example personal tax calculation, investment portfolio competition and making of class event budget but there are also on-line tests. He has found some resources made by other organizations for collaborative study. They are computer simulations (Gazileonaire, Multi MESE, Dynama-Merk) – economical games that can be plaid by groups and the groups can compete with each other making decisions and gaining virtual profit. 
     140Giving lessons in computer class is a hard task. Lot of energy must be spent for keeping process in planned track. In computer class students prefer doing anything else except economics. They chat, surf on entertainment pages, play games and so on. Lot of effort have wasted for changing that. Black list of not appropriate URL-s have been made. Games in local computer are disabled. Even the software, that blocs Internet connection (if needed) has created. Unfortunately all this does not help. Students find always some opportunity for doing something else. Some exercises are related with Internet. For example they have to collect information from central bank and board of statistics but when the net is free, they play (there is always some web-games, that is not jet in black list). When the net is off, they found some games from local hard-drive. Games are downloaded by students and are so simple that does not need installation (installation is disabled). 
     142Martin believes, that his learning resources are interesting enough. What can be more interesting than subject based computer game. But students prefer different games. He even tries to force students quit or delete entertaining games if he finds them playing but students start again, when teacher turns his back. 
     144So he planes to move some lessons from computer class to traditional classroom. He has no problems with controlling process with paper and pen. This decision is against his nature. He believes, that learning process must be innovative and interesting and using computers in teaching is one opportunely to do that. He tries to find out some solutions from Calibrate Toolbox to keep lessons in computer class.  
     146He is uploading his resources in to Calibrate learning portal and designs them with interfaces stored in Toolbox. He have found in Toolbox some interface templates for learning resources that looks like commercial entertaining web-pages. He is convinced that students like them also, because interfaces are rated by students. 
     148In Toolbox there are already some examples of learning resources which are related with activities that students prefer. For example teamwork exercises based on chat. He finds group discussion lesson for history of music where students talk and analyze about 19th century music styles. Martin founds that he can also use chat in his lessons and he selects template of group discussion learning resource and creates his own chat task about government tax policies. 
     150He remembers that students are interested to rate each other (web-page where students can rate others photos is extremely popular). Martin starts to look for a group evaluation resources that let students to present their own work and rate others.  
     152He joins with newsgroups to get and provide tips and tricks how to manage learning process in computer class. 
    136156== Scenario 5 ==