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The team

Here's a list of team members (incomplete). Everyone should provide their own description. Most importantly you should tell what role you think you will play in development, where you're located and what your areas of expertise are. Please also include an image of yourself (add the image (prescaled to proper size) as an attachment and then add an Image macro next to your description - look at the source for examples).

Let's keep the list in alphabetical order (by last name). If your name isn't here, feel free to add it.

László Fazekas

Mart Laanpere

Tallinn, Estonia. Experience: managing (small scale) international projects in the field of educational technology, instructional design for e-learning. My role in the project is to coordinate the work of WP3 team in Tallinn University.

Meelis Mets

Tallinn, Estonia. Experience: XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Plone, Python. My role in the project is Plone programming.

Vahur Rebas

Tallinn, Estonia.

I have 3 years of programming experience. Zope and python are most familiar to me. I'm also developing IVA.

Teemu Leinonen

Helsinki, Finland. Experience: research on pedagogical tools, concept design, interaction design, web UI design and managing (large scale - ITCOLE :-) international projects in the field of educational technology. In WP3 playing several roles: "enlightened customer", designer, facilitator, team leader (although Tarmo is the man in charge in the software development).

Personal homepage: Skype name: teemu.leinonen

Hans Põldoja

Helsinki & Tallinn. Experience: XHTML, CSS, user interface design, prototyping, PHP, MySQL. I have used Plone 3 years but don't have Python programming experience. My role in WP3 is user interface design.

Personal homepage:

Martin Sillaots

Tallinn, Estonia. Roll in CALIBRATE: right hand of Mart Laanpere. Experience: creation of learning objects (LO) compatible with IMS LOM and IMS Content Packaging. I have great expectations with new LO template prototypes because they are related with my doctoral plan (explorative and collaborative learning). I’m a teacher of Economics in high school and can be used as tester of collaborative learning objects, templates and tools.

Tarmo Toikkanen

Picture of Teemu

Lead developer of Fle3. 15 years of programming experience (C/C++, Java, Python, Scheme, R, posix scripting)... 4 years of Zope development experience, under a year of Plone development experience. Besides softare engineering I'm also a psychologists, working on my doctoral studies in educational psychology.

I'll most probably be working as one of the architects/analysts and will be producing code quite a lot. And if no-one else feels like working as the Scrum Master (project manager of sorts), I guess I'll need to handle that too.

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Personal homepage:
Skype name: tarmotoikkanen

Balázs Wagner