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Here are short lists what every class should be able to do to provide some basis for writing tests.


  • View collection X
  • Change coverimage (coverimage is inherited from memberfolder) X
  • Rename X
  • Add resource to collection (different types) X
  • Remove resource from a collection X
  • Check if it is a story
  • Presents itself as a story, if story
  • Edit story
  • A proper story can end up to a portal front page.
  • Collections can be viewed in special mode, where browsing arrows are displayed and links take to resources inside the collection.
  • Collections can give out zips (or htmls).
  • Collections can give out scorm-objects.
  • If a resource is added to collection, resource's view page displays this.
  • If a resource is removed from a collection, resource's view page doesn't have a link to this collection.
  • Deleted or private draft resource is not visible in collection, unless the private draft is owned by collection's owner.
  • Change order of objects in collection


  • Is created automatically X
  • Shows empty folder correctly X
  • User's collections are shown in collectionsfolder X
  • Deleted collections are not visible in collectionsfolder. X


  • #1852 Draft content that is not visible should not be displayed on "What's going on?" page


  • Check that recent -page has RSS-feed
  • Check that groups have RSS-feeds
  • Check that blogposts have RSS-feeds
  • Check that any browse result page has RSS-feed (with arguments).


  • Check that text with all georgian (unicode) characters can be found with portal search.