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Enabling Tex/LaTeX support for LeMill

LeMill has two kinds of support for Tex/LaTeX-typesetting, local and remote. Remote is the default: it takes tex-formulas and sends them to external web service, that returns image files with formula typeset as gif-image. If the load is heavy and connection to external service weak, or you want your formulas to be just a little bit nicer, you can install local service. Then every image is created only once and served from server's filesystem, which is fast and neat. However, this requires that the server can typeset latex and that your Zope has access to filesystem.

Local Tex/LaTeX typesetting needs unix-like operating system! (Some flavor of linux, unix or Mac OS X, this doesn't work with Windows!)

LeMill's LaTeX/Tex support is built on latexwiki-plugin for Zwiki. Zwiki or latexwiki doesn't need to be installed, but their requirements should be filled (from README.txt of latexwiki-plugin):

These you'll probably have:

This product, or newer version, should be added to your Zope-instance's Products-folder

This needs some extra to work with Zope 2.9.x: In,

change the line 52:
"from OFS.content_types import find_binary"
"from import find_binary".

Then you'll need working latex-installation. Packages probably have option to install all of these at once:

When you have all required parts installed, the latex support should be enabled automatically if you create a new lemill-instance and if you want to have local LaTeX support in existing lemill-site, you can do it simply by going to portal_migrate in ZMI, there choose tab 'Setup', there check the box 'setupLatexSupport' and click 'Update'.

The first sign of working local LaTeX is that there should be now object 'latex_images' in your ZMI screen, at the same level as 'portal_migrate' is. This is the folder in your filesystem where LaTeX should write images and where scripts are ran.