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Created framework for a conversational use manual

Teacher's manual to the Learning Toolbox

This will become an outline of the teacher's manual. The first section is Meta, and talks about the manual. Then there's a template for a chapter, followed by the actual chapters.


The manual should not be technical jargon, but rather user-centric, interesting and appealing documentation. Some key aspects (copied from

  • Why would teachers use the Toolbox?
  • Visible milestones on the way from novice to master teacher
  • Balance the challenge with teachers' current skills to achieve flow. The challenge must be grand enough, but not too difficult.
  • Elaborate on what new skills the teachers will gain with each chapter of the manual.
  • Use conversational style (use active tense "you").
  • Write good stories, not just descriptions of things.
  • Use humour and mystery to spice up the stories.

The manual consists of independent chapters that can be experienced in any order, but a default ordering is provided.

Chapter template

What will you learn in this chapter?

Describe what the teacher will learn and what he should already know.

Subheading 1

Start the chapter. Remember that it's a story. Use a conversational style to engage the reader (talk to the reader). Use screen shots of the system and other images.

Subheading 2

Use as many headings as needed. End the story nicely.

Your new skill

Describe the new skill that the teacher now has, with links to further information (other chapters and resources) and tips on using that skill in practice.