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User testing session in Budapest, 19-20 May


  • Introduction of CALIBRATE project, Portal and LeMill system
  • Think aloud protocol
  • Focus group and group walkthrough


Think aloud protocol

Think aloud protocol should be carried out in native language. Therefore it is possible to do it only with some of the teachers:

  • Estonian teachers - Hans
  • Hungarian teachers - ?

Teachers will get a tasksheet with short description of the task and list of steps that they have to do to complete the task. The tasks will be described in generic level, not "click X and then choose Y". Teacher's actions will be recorded with a video camera (camera standing on a tripod behind the user and focusing on the screen). During the process teacher has to say whatever she is looking at, thinking, doing, and feeling.

After completing the task the video will be shown to the teacher and she can explain more about the problems she faced during the task. This part of think aloud session will be recorded with a voice recorder.

More about think aloud protocol:

Focus group and group walkthrough

The teachers will be divided to 2 or 3 focus groups. Each focus group should have 6...8 members. In the focus group session we will combine group walkthrough with a group interview. Focus group session will be recorded with a video camera.

In the first half of the session we will have a list of tasks (similar to think aloud protocol) that has to be completed. The whole process will be displayed with a projector. Focus group members will point out the usability problems that they notice during the process.

In the second half of the session focus group members will answer to the questions that are prepared by the LeMill designers/developers.

More about group walkthroughs and focus groups:


  • 2 video cameras (one for think aloud, one for group walkthrough)
  • 2 tripods for video cameras
  • 1 TV (for watching the think aloud recording)
  • 1 voice recorder (Hans can use his iPod for that)
  • 1 video projector (for group walkthrough)