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Virtual Learning Environments

This page is about how virtual learning environments relate to the LeMill system. LeMill is not a learning environment, but rather an authoring environment. However, you can view most of the content in LeMill:

  • web page: All content is rendered into nice standards compliant XHTML, if at all possible
  • original format: The download link to the actual contents (PDF, slide show, word processing document, etc.) is also provided, if such a file exists
  • online player: We are planning some kind of wrapper (Flash or AJAX) that allows us to display rich media content.

Basically all content is accessible by using the permalink of that content, so in VLEs teachers can make links to content in LeMill, or can download the content and upload it into the VLE.

The plan is to develop a nice plugin architecture that allows LeMill to connect to various VLEs. For each model of VLE there needs to be an adapter that handles a few services that LeMill will need, and translate them to commands that the VLE understands:

getListOfCourses(user, password)
Gets a list of courses that the current user is teaching
sendMaterial(user, password, courseID, listOfMaterialIDs)
Sends selected material to the VLE, to the selected course
Update Material(user, password, courseID)
Sends updates of all material to the VLE