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Toolbox vocabulary

This page defines the most commonly used terms in Toolbox project. Technical terms and other synonyms are in parenthesis.

Front page
First page of the Toolbox environment
Piece/Item? (Learning asset, asset)
Need a good name for this one. A piece or item (learning asset) is a simple piece of content that does not have pedagogical metadata. It is described with subset of Dublin Core, which includes copyright information. There is no need to use LOM, because item is context free and does not have any educational metadata. Items are used to create "modules".
Material (Learning module, module, learning object)
Learning material (module, learning object) is any entity, digital or non-digital, that can be used, re-used or referenced during learning. Material is a meaningful entity that can be used as such for learning purposes or used to build up collections of material. Material always contains exactly one template. Material can contain any number of pieces/items, tools (services) and material.
Collection (Learning module, module, learning object)
A collection is material that consists of several pieces of other material. It's technically still a module, but for users it's shown as a collection of material.
Aany piece/item, material or collection.
A description of activity used in a learning.
A software that is used for managing and publishing content and to implement or help in the implementation of the activities.
Learning Pattern
Combination of contents, activities and tools. Non visible for the users, but a concept usable for us. In the UI we will use a simple word of "story".
Template (Pedagogical template)
Structure of learning activities specified by IMS LD. Main function is to give pedagogical structure, meaning and instructions to learning material. Can also define how the material will be displayed in a digital learning environment that can play IMS LD. Template is related to the Activities.

Comment from Teemu: The concept in the picture should be unfied with the vocabulary used in this vocabulary page. Storage = Content / Recipes = Activities. Also the "Learning Pattern" field should also cover and include one or several Tools (whatever the tool used is just a classroom). The communities could be simply "projects".

Organizational unit in Toolbox, which has one or more users working on material and collections of similar topic (or Activities and Tools).
Tag (Keyword)
Freely selected keywords/ descriptors that users assign to Content.
Theme, subject areas that are ready-defined.
User profile
Information about the user. Contains basic user information and preferences.