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assest is now item and LO is module - better terms, I would say

Toolbox vocabulary

This page defines the most commonly used terms in Toolbox project.

Course resource set:

Set of learinng resources that is defined to be by some user the be the "core" learning material in some specific study program.

Front page:

First page of the Toolbox environment


Item (learning asset) is a simple piece of content that does not have pedagogical metadata. It is described with subset of IEEE LOM, which includes copyright information but does not include educational metadata. Items are used to create "modules".


Module (learning object) - any entity, digital or non-digital, that can be used, re-used or referenced during learning. Module is meaningful entity that can be used as a such for learning purposes or used to build up "course resource set".

Pedagogical template:



Organizational unit in Toolbox, which has one or more users working on the set of learning objects or courses on similar topic


Freely selected descriptors that users assign to objects



User profile:

Page with information about the user

Visual template:

Template that describes colors, typography and layout of the learning object