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Updated news

LeMill development (including Calibrate WP3 development / Learning Toolbox)

This is the development site of LeMill (aka Learning Mill or Learning Toolbox).

If you are looking for place to test or use LeMill, visit


Version 0.5 (Egle) has been released and we're now working on Ambiorix

About LeMill

  • Documentation
    • LeMill -- Quick definition of the software being produced (Learning Mill / Toolbox)
    • Overview -- Overview of LeMill from the user's perspective
    • FAQ for LeMill users / Manual in FAQ-format
    • ConceptMaps -- Concept maps
    • Reports
      • LD report -- Deliverable 3.1: "Empirical study of Learning Design"




  • The team -- Information about the development team and its members
  • Version names -- Symbolic names we use for each release
  • Infrastructure -- Information on servers, services and tools for development
  • Platform information -- Information on the platforms we're building on
  • Book list -- List of useful stuff to read in libraries or on the net
  • IRC -- IRC is used for daily communications
  • Meetings and workshops

Trac-related stuff

About this site

This site is for the development of the LeMill server software of the CALIBRATE project (work package 3). Visitors to this site can browse all the content we have here (try out the buttons on the top of the page). More information on this Trac system is available in the Trac Guide.

You can't any longer submit bugs (here called "tickets") anonymously - since some spambots tried to harass the system. If you think you need an account here (you would like to contribute), please contact tarmo.toikkanen(at) for account creation.

Disclaimer: All content in this site is made by individual authors. Nobody takes any collective responsibility for the correctness of information here. But since this is a Wiki, you should have already figured that out. :-)