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Workshop II

Budapest and Tallinn
9.1.2006 - 13.1.2006
Intensive development of the 1st prototype, with developers committing 100% of their work time during the workshop to this project.
Tarmo will travel to Budapest, others stay where they are. The two locations will keep in touch using Skype and IRC.


  • 9.1.
    • Set up work practices for the sprint (starting and ending times for each day, communication, etc.)
    • Re-evaluate stories and tasks for the first prototype
    • Re-distribute and estimate tasks
    • Start working on tickets, using pair programming
  • 10.1.
    • Keep working on tickets, always starting the most difficult ones (let's leave the easy ones for after the workshop)
  • 11.1.
  • 12.1.
  • 13.1.